ChemIndustrial Lift Waste Transfer Station

Liquid waste transfer stations

Duplex liquid waste transfer system

175 gallon Duplex Liquid Waste Transfer System with on-board control system [Full Size Image]

This Liquid Waste Transfer Station is configured for installation in a pit. Pump motor contactors are located in the control panel, which is wall-mounted above the pit [Full Size Image]


Liquid Waste Transfer Station installed in a drysump or pit
[Full Size Image]

ChemIndustrial's Liquid Waste Transfer Stations are an effective way to collect and transfer liquids from industrial processes, lab sinks and other sources that cannot discharge directly to sewer.

Standard features
  • Polyethylene tank: 45, 58, 175 or 215 gallon capacity
  • Polypropylene seal-less vertical centrifugal pump
  • Level sensors to control pump operations, owner's high level alarms and interlocks
  • Polypropylene check valve in discharge piping to prevent backflow
  • Outlet pressure guage with polypropylene isolator
  • Polypropylene inlet, outlet and overflow fittings
  • Fully integrated controls with solid state components
  • Pump and controls are easily removed from tank for inspection and/or service
  • Oversized control enclosure provides space for custom control modification
  • Construction materials include corrosion resistant polypropylene and Viton®
Options include
  • Removable control panel to accommodate pit installation
  • Network-enabled controls for integration with ChemIndustrial Neutralizers, pH Control Systems and process skids
  • ShortCycleTM pump out mode
  • PID control of outlet flow to maintain constant tank level
  • PVDF pumps for high temperature operation
  • Inlet flow interlock valve
  • Models for any world voltage
Special features of 45 gallon Liquid Waste Transfer Stations
  • 1- or 2-pump configurations
  • Integrated pump(s) and panel
  • Polyethylene tank (polypropylene available for high temperature applications)
  • Flexible installation: panel can be rotated in any direction for operator access
  • Conventional or computerized control

45 gallon Liquid Waste Transfer Stations for labs and small industrial facilities

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